Friday, April 9, 2010

Decorative Head Vases to Hold Supplies

Here is an idea for separating and storing your brushes, knitting needles, tools, glass canes, rods/dowels, or pencils for example. I use these doll head vase reproductions to hold some of my items used less frequently. The vases themselves have a vintage look and are more interesting than simple containers.

The brushes and other items set on a shelf safely until I need them. I can quickly see what I have and do not have to dig through a drawer to find one of the brushes. This also is a great way to keep your items from being damaged or even lost. Can you imagine what would happen to some of these things such as the feather or brushes if they were clumped together in a drawer?

Note also the possibilities of the shelf itself. The added hooks at the bottom makes this a great piece. Perhaps you could place jars of your favorite items on top of the shelf and hang ribbons or yarns on the hooks below. Could you hang your glue gun, heating tool, scissors or small buckets of supplies on the hooks below? Slip a dowel through the openings on either end and use it for fabrics, papers, spools of ribbon or wire. There are so many possibilities. A shelf like this can be customized to fit your particular needs. I believe I had purchased this one years ago from Home Interiors, but I have seen them at garage sales and thrift stores. If you don't like the color, paint it to fit your decor! If necessary, change the hooks, maybe using drawer pull knobs!

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PRISCILLA MAE et al said...

What a great idea! I have collected a few of these lovely ladies which I put flowers into sometimes but that's so ordinary. I love how you have used "Your Heads."