Thursday, February 12, 2015

Refurbished and recycled suitcase

Recycled Suitcase

I bought a small suitcase at a sale for $1.00.  It was in pretty bad shape so I figured I couldn't hurt it.  First I spray painted the entire outside of it with white paint.  I then painted a floral bouquet on the top using acrylic paints.

Inside before photo

I removed any loose paper on the inside along with the old pocket on the top/inside, replacing it with a lightly quilted fabric which I had used a few years as a tree skirt at Christmas.

Inside top with newly created pocket

I will use this for some of my craft items but haven't decided what for certain.  I have about 30 of the little mint tins shown below.  Thirteen of them fit nicely together as shown.  These could be used for buttons, beads, or any number of small items and a label could be added to indicate the contents.

Inside bottom of suitcase showing tins
What would you use it for?

My watercolor palette fits perfectly, but I would really have to make sure it was clean before I put it in the suitcase so I'm thinking that won't work so well.

At this point I'm actually thinking I will use it for whatever current project I am working on.  I can keep everything I need inside the case and if we go somewhere I can easily close the lid and take it along, knowing I have what I need with me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Clever Organized Yet Out of Sight Storage

This is a post directed to those of you lacking space or a separate craft room but may also be a useful idea even if you have a studio.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook, thus often ignoring my blogs.  There are a lot of crafters, painters, crazy quilters and beaders that formed group on Facebook and interact with each other pretty regularly.  It is fun to get instant responses and meet so many in this manner.  A fellow crafter/crazy quilter, Fran Lees Quirk, had posted this photo of her solution as a comment and was kind enough to let me share it with you all.

This is her wall of supplies.  She said it is in her bedroom where she has easy access to it.  When finished or between projects she can pull the curtains to hide it.  I think it looks great!  Just think of the possibilities.  I would love to hear from others that have had success with this type of solution.