Monday, June 29, 2015

Using Pants/Skirts Hangers in Your Studio

I think we have all seen these hangers, either using them in our closet or inexpensively offered at garage sales, discount stores or flea markets.  If you have more space to hang items on a shelf, back of a door or in a closet for instance, these make great organizers.  I have displayed them as they might be used in a sewing or quilting room, but they would also work for paper crafting, jewelry etc.

My first example is using the pants hanger with hooks to organize a project.  I have, for illustration purposes, clipped bags containing buttons, beads, ribbon, and floss as well as larger bags to hold the pattern and fabrics to be used in this project.

The hangers with bars, especially the hangers that easily slip into and out of a loop on the end and will pivot forward to add or remove the spools.  I could really see this being used ribbons or for beading threads and wires as well.  Lots of possibilities with this hanger!  You can actually leave the spools of thread on the bars as you use (crochet, tat...) the threads if you have a spot to hang it that is close enough to where you work on your project.

Below is an example of hanging together smaller scraps of fabrics in coordinating colors.  You can see at a glance what you are looking for or just be inspired.  It is also a good way to audition fabric combinations for a project.  I find I am inspired when I see the fabrics in this manner and actually thought to myself that the green and lavender would be a great combination.

As an artist I love having all possible supplies easily visible, don't you.

I hope these ideas will be of use to you, especially if you are out of drawer space or just tired of digging through drawers to find those smaller pieces.  I love your comments, so please share your thoughts!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've used these to hang special fabric pieces I don't want to get creased, particularly after I've damp stretched them. I also have one that holds several sizes of rotary cutting mats.

Linda said...

Wonderful and creative ideas! You have a lovely blog. :)

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