Sunday, April 11, 2010

Compartmental Carrier

What's inexpensive, handy and portable? My new garage sale find! I bought this piece for a nickel! I couldn't even wait to clean it up before sharing it with you. This piece could be used for so many things. Can you tell I was excited to find it? It could be used for brushes, scissors, tools, crochet hooks, pencils and markers - just to name a few of the obvious items. If you chose not to use it in your studio, it could be used for silver/plastic ware and napkins or for cosmetic brushes and cosmetics, or hair care products and brushes and combs. For a nickel how can you go wrong?

The handle will adjust to two heights or is removable. The handle is also stationary so it doesn't tip when you are carrying it if the weight is not distributed evenly. One half of the box is undivided and the other half is divided into four equal size sections.

I think it will work great for my jewelry tools. I love the fact it is a tote and can easily be carried to where I will be working. I love that I can see through it. I also love that my tools rest securely in place and I don't have to worry about any of them dropping out or the tips getting damaged.

Keep your eyes open and your imagination in gear because you never know where you might find a treasure. Repurposing items is great for the environment as well. If they only had a nickel on this, odds are it would have gone to the dumpster had it not sold. One less item in the landfill. Go green!!!

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