Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On-The-Go Organizing

 Traveling with craft/stitching projects can be tough sometimes, especially if you don't have the right containers.  It is also much easier to forget an item you need or basic supply or tool.

First of all, forgive me for a couple of 'fuzzy' photos here.  This first item was a door prize I won.  I must say it is very cleverly designed.  It was donated by Thearica at Crazy Quilting Supplies and I was the lucky recipient!  I believe there are other sizes as well, but mine (closed) measures roughly 8 1/2" long by 4 1/2" square.

There are two comfortable, securely attached handles and when rolled up is held nicely with hook and loop strips.  The outside is so pretty and appears to be waterproof also.  Another bonus!

Below is a photo showing it 'unrolled' with four individual zippered see through containers for supplies.  Think of the possibilities!  I currently have mine designated as follows:  (1) general stitching supplies such as scissors, needles, tape, thimble, etc.;  (2) crochet and tatting tools and supplies; (3) mini beading tools, beading thread, needles and folding scissors; and (4) embroidery floss and threads.  I'm sure this will change somewhat as I explore other possibilities.

Another fun thing about this is that each separate compartment is secured in place with hook and loop tape and can easily be removed so you can just take one section with you when that is all that is needed.  If I am getting together with friends to bead, I can just grab that individual bag and throw it in my purse or in with my project or if I am going to stitch with friends I would take that bag.  You get the point.

This next item is probably more suited for home use, but for us crazy quilters that want to have a lot of goodies with us it could also work for travel or to get together at a friend's house.  I won this box at a gift exchange at the same retreat.  It is a nice sturdy card stock box that closes with built-in magnets to hold the lid closed.  It is also very pretty.

The inside has a removable compartmentalized tray for all sorts of goodies.

My new friend Kristie brought this delightful box.  She had already added some wonderful goodies but after I got home from the retreat and loaded it with other embellishments I either purchased, was gifted or brought home from the swap exchange, it was pretty full.  I can't wait to start exploring all the possibilities for using the new embellishments and it is great to have them together in one container.

Kristie added this pincushion she had created with a small photo frame and embellished with lace and old buttons.  It fits over one of the compartments.

Just look at all those fun trims, beads, ribbons and trinkets!  I may just call this my inspiration box.

While I am on this subject I may also mention the 'Altoid' boxes or other small tins so many of us use.  The one below has basic stitching supplies.  A magnet on the inside of the lid hold a needle.  Folding scissors and a small pincushion fit neatly and the round wooden needle holder is full of straight pins.

The tin box with hinged lid on the left holds one of my bead projects which I work on at times when I travel.  Again, a magnet on the lid holds my beading needle(s);  Other small containers of beads, threads, scissors and the UFO fit nicely in the box.

The tin box below is one I often have with me.  I have my mini beading tools, folding scissors, thread clamps, thread and a glass piece to put beads in while I am stitching so they don't scatter.

 I recently attended a crazy quilt retreat in Kansas City and, being miss organizer, was fascinated with how everyone transported their tools and supplies.  I drove but many of the ladies traveled with the airlines so they had to be especially creative.  I wish I would have taken the opportunity to talk to them more about how they had things set up and taken more photos.  Maybe next time.

I did see lots of beautiful handmade needle cases, cosmetic bags used for supplies, lots of plastic containers of all sizes with locking lids, and fabric bags.  I do particularly remember (but can't find the photo) Lisa had Altoid tins marked by color.  These contained a mix of beads in that particular color family.  This made much more sense for crazy quilting than individual containers for each type or size of bead.  I believe it was Karen that had her various beading thread spools held together on a wire piece used for spacing or to hold your place when knitting (It is obvious I don't knit but I know it is used somehow for knitting).  It looked almost like a giant safety pin.

What solutions have you found for taking your craft supplies with you either as you travel or for just going to a friend's or group gathering?  Have you run into problems carrying certain supplies on a plane, getting past security with it?

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Great post Connie! As you know I'm a lover of organizational books and tools so this post is right in my wheelhouse. I love (!!!) the bag you won and the box is a perfect storage option as well.