Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Organizing Isn't For Wimps!

Yesterday's progress...

I am deep into it now.  I've shared photos on here before of my disaster closet.  I started taking things out as you can see.  The transformation (at least in the closet) has begun. 

After emptying the closet I removed the doors and loaded my office-related items into the closet.  This is working out great!  I'll deal with supplies on the top shelf later.

Next I brought in one of my refinished dressers (see previous post) and placed it in the corner.  It holds tools, floss, lace, batting etc. right now, all in arms reach from my chair.  The little end table will also be dealt with later.

Today... I emptied one of the bookcases and placed it on top of the dresser, reloading it with drawers of supplies such as threads, beaded trims and other embellishments.  Placing the bookcase on top of my dresser freed up more floor space for my other dresser.

I then placed my sewing machine next to it and brought in the second refinished dresser.  I think I may be turning it the other direction so I have better access.  I was going to place another bookcase on it and run a board across the top to hold even more, but Mr. was concerned about so much weight on one area, so on to plan 'B' (whatever that is!)...

I was feeling pretty good about things until I went back in the other room to fill a few more drawers.  Yikes!  I am going to have to either (a) store a couple bins of fabric elsewhere, (b) get busy and use up a bunch of fabric or (c) downsize my supply.  I have a ton of books too which take up lots of space.  Some are my "go to for inspiration" books and not going away while some can go. 

For today I am tired.  It is about 100○ F outside and my energy is at a low level anyway.  I think I will see if I can get to my chair and do a little relaxing stitching and thinking before dinner time.  Those of you who have done this, don't you just hate this part of the process!  It can seem so daunting but somehow gets done and leaves you with a good feeling.  Have you ever gotten this far and said "forget it!", put everything back and pretended like it never happened?  It is so tempting, but I shall persevere.  Please send me some good vibes!  I'm thinking my sewing machine cabinet needs a coat of paint too, don't you?


Mosaic Magpie said...

I am in the middle of cleaning up and out my sewing mess as well. A really organized system where everything has a place is my goal. I like how you used the closet....I could do that too.
I had to laugh about the all that weight in one place...if they only knew the stuff we have stashed and is a wonder the floor does not give way. LOL

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm waving my hands in the air and pushing all sorts of good organizational vibes in your direction! I was wondering what to do for my daily post today and you've given me an idea. Perhaps I will post pictures of my closet. Be sure to take all sorts of rest breaks and spend some time thinking about how you use things, which will help you decide how/where to put things.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

It is quite an undertaking. I've been doing this throughout the house, tackling one, drawer, one closet at a time but you wouldn't know it! We have so much STUFF!!! Well, I shouldn't say we, LOL, it's ME!!!

For everything you clear out of your creative space, you'll be replacing it with something else sooner or later, LOL

But it is rewarding to see it all come together!!


arrielle_p said...

Wow You did a great job fixing all those things and make it beautiful! :)

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