Sunday, January 16, 2011

Plan Your Steps for Organizing

Organizing can sometimes take longer than planned, especially when one thing has to be completed before you can move on...and something else has to take place before that...and, oh yes, I can't do that until I finish that. That kind of describes where I'm at right now as I visualize my new office turned sewing space.
I actually started removing things from the room before I gave it much thought. I was stitching in my favorite chair in our formal living room. It was quiet there and I had a nice window to look out every once in awhile. My son gave me a great floor lamp for Christmas that I placed by the chair. It has true color lighting and I couldn't believe how well it lit my work. My DH decided it didn't really fit the decor and suggested I set up the office to work in. I kind of had to agree and even liked that idea.
However, the office had become kind of the 'catch-all' room of the house. I started transferring things to be sorted through later into the spare bedroom right away so I could focus more on the potential of the room. Of course that was my first impulse. I should have waited a bit because I really need to first reupholster a comfy chair for the room and find something better to store fabrics in. I also need to paint the walls. To do that I need to remove all the books from the bookcases. (I should have removed the books first because the other things could have sat on top of the books rather than books on top of what I have removed). Where am I going to put the books while I paint and rearrange the space? Oh, I forgot to tell you I had a couple of projects I needed to complete before I could do all of that. Oops. I'm not even sure what color I want to paint yet. You get the idea.
It really does pay to plan somewhat before you start. It is a little different when you are transforming the entire room as opposed to just cleaning and getting more organized. Make a list of what all will need to be done to the room and then prioritize. I should have reupholstered my chair first, found new storage for my fabrics and figured out the arrangement of larger major pieces in the room. Next, I could have chosen a paint color after which I could have emptied the room (books first) and started painting right away. This would have preferably been followed by placement of key pieces in the room and then bringing back in the loot. As I've said, I have learned about organizing through experience and like to share what I have learned with you on this blog.

As I said in my last post, organizing is in the air and on the blogs. Following are even more links. There are lots of sites here to visit as you ponder what steps need to be taken to get your space to where you want it to be. Enjoy!

Follow Nicki as she creates her revamped studio space after the original space flooded. She is off to a great start. I wish there was an IKEA close to me. I love the wire baskets she is going to use for fabric!

Five tips for organizing your studio are given on this link…

Storing or organizing small pieces of fabric can sometimes be more difficult than larger pieces. Andrea has a system that works great for her and shares that with you on this link. This may be a system that would work for papers or trims as well.

Andrea also shares a link to this site with lots of ideas and even more links (but don’t forget to come back and visit me again~lol)…

Over at Art Bead Scene there are more featured studios on a weekly basis. The author is sharing a photo of her own studio on the following link and is planning to downsize…(how do you do that when beads reproduce? lol) She also added links to a couple of other beader’s studios here.

This is a blog I just love to follow. Jane always has some unique, wonderful and inspirational ideas to share. I’ve shared some of her posts before, but actually, her entire blog is full of great things.

Maybe you have a piece of furniture you just aren’t thrilled with. Don’t be afraid to see what wonders simply painting it might do. Look at the amazing transformation to this card catalog (a wonderful piece of furniture in and of itself), just by painting it white! Follow this link to The Frosted Gardner.

Brenda at Cozy Little House has shared some jars she made spiffy rather than storing her things in boring craft jars. I think they look great!

…and yet more inspiration. This one isn’t focused on the studio, but it is related to organizing and decluttering, and as I said, it is inspirational!

For some great information on organizing, Gussy Sews has posted a couple of things about workflow that might help those of you who would like to do some rearranging.

Here is a posting by Creative Compass Magazine that might spark some ideas…it’s called Storage Ideas for Creative People and Spaces. There may be something here you can incorporate into your space. While you are there, check out some of the other postings on this site.
As always, I would appreciate you letting them know I sent you. Have a great week! Connie

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This comment might come through twice (dunno what happened!). Anyway, as I was saying...thank you for these Connie. I love reading organizational tips and creative ways to store things so these were right up my alley.