Sunday, January 23, 2011

Great Sewing Room Idea!

I have been a saver of inspirational clippings it seems forever. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it is a waste of time and space. I recently browsed through some clippings, purging those I really no longer had use for. The reason I was looking through my inspiration notebook is that my mom sent home four shoe boxes full of spools of thread and I'm trying to decide how and where to contain them. While browsing I came across this idea from 1980. The photos below are from an article in the March 1980 Decorating & Craft Ideas magazine (page 58 if anyone happens to still have the magazine ~ lol). I think it is an ingenious idea for storage and thought I would share it with all of you.

(Did you notice the great shelf of tagged sewing machine drawers in the reflection?) This cabinet was built to make use of an awkward space when converting an unused attic into a functioning sewing room. Following are views of the inside. But before you get to that, I want to share the credits I did happen to save with the photos: Carpentry by Steve Joseph. As previously stated, the article was in Decorating & Craft Ideas, March 1980. The article says the pattern, Code No. 1008, can be ordered from Decorating and Craft Ideas Pattern Service, P.O. Box 2522, Birmingham, AL 35201. I don't even know for sure this is a valid address or outdated. I unfortunately do not have any other information such as the author, etc.

As I am thinking of all the possibilities for using this cabinet, I am envisioning embroidery floss hanging in one section. It would be great for jars and/or hanks of beads by adding appropriately spaced shelving and hooks. It would even be great just as a jewelry cabinet. Acrylic paints, ribbons, embellishments, jars of buttons, spools of thread and oh so many other items would fit nicely. The cabinet is shallow and would accommodate lots of previously unusable spaces with the added bonus of a 3-way mirror! It could be custom made to suit almost any tight situation or space. How about sharing your ideas here with others. Lets get those wheels in motions. I would love to hear your thoughts. If you have already done something similar, please email pictures to me and I will be happy to post them! In the meantime...

Here are some more LINKS:

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Below at The Frugal Crafter is a link to a video tour of a scrapbooker’s craft room, some photos and some practical advice. This scrapbooker has a LOT of supplies and it appears amazingly organized. I’m certain you will find something useful here, regardless of your medium of choice!

I'm planning to see you again next Sunday, so be sure to stop back! Have a great week. Connie


Magpie's Mumblings said...

This is a great idea Connie! I've seen 3-section medicine cabinets for the bathroom (sometimes for next to nothing at the thrift store) - they'd be perfect! I would be tempted to do away with the mirrors though and add something I could use for an inspiration board.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I love the idea of replacing the mirrors and using that space as an inspiration board. I guess if you made jewelry or clothing the mirrors would come in handy, but if you didn't want or need mirrors an inspiration board would be perfect. Also using one of those second hand 3-section medicine cabinets is a terrific idea! Thanks for sharing that idea with us Mary Anne.