Sunday, January 9, 2011

Set Attainable Goals!

I have been better at browsing other blogs that I follow than I have been at updating my own. I'm not quite sure where the past two months or so have gone, but I am back. Two things jumped out at me as I looked through the other blogs.
First of all there were many, many bloggers apologizing for getting busy and not updating their blogs as often as they had intended lately. I for one totally understand where they are coming from~lol. Need I say more on that subject?
Secondly, it seems a lot of crafters and artists are rolling in the New Year with the intention of organizing their studios. A massive cleanup job needed in their studios was a common thread. Some are even going beyond the studio and focusing on their entire home. This is my segway to the topic for today...
When setting out to organize your studio or just clean up after the crazy holiday rush, don't feel like it all has to be done in a day, or a week or even a month. Start by making a list, either mental or (preferably) written, of specific areas you need to work on. Then prioritize them. Set up deadlines for each project or area if you like or just begin and work at your own pace or as time allows. Everything I have learned either from experience, through seminars, books or articles about goals confirms that you have to have attainable reasonable goals or you will just abandon them altogether.
Another thing I have learned over the years is to set up baby steps and not just one large goal. For instance, rather than setting a date to have your entire studio totally buff and organized, break it down to a series of bite size smaller goals. Set up realistic dates for the various tasks it will take to accomplish that ultimate goal. For example, set aside a date and time to sort through your buttons, ribbons and/or other embellishments. Maybe your first goal is to sort through one or two drawers or shelves in your studio that have become cluttered. After you have gotten started and begun to meet some of those goals, focus on and enjoy what you have completed rather than thinking you have so much more to do and that your studio is still a disaster. Reward yourself for what you have done rather than what you haven't completed! Remember, if you set unreasonable or unattainable goals, you will probably not reach them and will soon feel frustrated and unmotivated.
I am beginning the process of turning my office into a studio and will be sharing some of that with you in later posts.

LINKS: I have posted a few related links below along with a couple of simply inspirational links.
If you visit any of them and leave a nice comment, feel free to let them know you found their link here.

This first one is totally related to the frustration we all feel at times when we try to accomplish more than fits our schedules. We do all have lives to live and sometimes that can deter your plans. She has a link on her sidebar to the 'challenge' she has taken on. I know I have felt her frustration.

Following is a link to a fellow crazy quilter that has posted her ‘before’ photos. You will have to stay tuned for her ‘after’ photos.

Anita who is a machine quilter shared some of her experience in cleaning junk drawers on the following link.

Using the following link you will be taken to Lori Anderson’s blog where she shares her beading office. She has a beautiful room and I think you will be inspired. I personally am drooling over the wall color!

Mary Ellen found a fun way to organize t-shirts. I’m thinking this same system could work for rolled up fabric or skeins of yarn too! What could you use it for?

Belinda has a way of controlling all the information she finds on the Web. She shares her great idea on the link below. I also find that you can copy and paste the information you want to save to a Word document and give it a name you will recognize and be able to find. The Word documents can be organized by category in a special place on your computer, into folders named by subject. With either of these methods be sure to adhere to Copyright issues.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the daunting task of redoing your studio and want to just walk away? Don’t give up until you check out this blog! Traci Baker over at ‘The Bakery’ blog shares how she took mini (15 minute) steps to redo her studio/office. I think you may find this encouraging. Here is the link:


Anonymous said...

WOW, when you make up your mind to change your went big time! The new black and white is wonderful. Crisp and smart.
And your post is divine. I'll take the time later today to visit all those blogs you listed and glean some informatiion from each and everyone of them. Today is busy with getting organized myself. My desk is a wreck, my watercoloring has been sitting for a week, and there is a laundry room calling my name!
BUT, I promise to sit and enjoy your new blog and links with a nice cuppa coffee this afternoon!
Thanks for following my NetBlog...I have no idea what that's all about, but I was 'game' to give it a try!
Hope you are doing well and are warm inside this weekend. No snow here, but surrounding us. We were in Leadville alot lately to enjoy THEIR snow. Did some skate skiing yeesterday and I am feeling it today!

Createology said...

Your post is so informational and thank you for sharing. I was one who also sorted and organized but didn't overwhelm myself this time. I did one dresser drawer at a time instead of the entire 12 drawers. Much better for me. Your new blog look is fabulous. Happy New Year 2011...

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great post Connie! I always love reading about organization and it's such fun to see how others tackle it.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Thanks all of you for the positive feedback. It is fun to see and hear how others approach organizing.