Thursday, May 13, 2010

Repurposed Studio Storage and Display

Jars are great for storage. They keep items in clear sight, keep them protected and make it easy to return the item to its proper place. Jars can also be pretty to look at. I had a bunch of marbles sorted by plastic a my drawer. You get my drift. Pure craziness! When I moved into my studio and didn't have the drawer space, I had to come up with another solution. I found this jar at a thrift store and immediately visualized it full of the my sunny window. It adds color and no one can say I lost my marbles again! Oh, I know right where my marbles are!

Have you ever noticed how we look at things for what they were intended to be? You have to train your mind to see things differently. For instance, the item below is a stand normally used for cupcakes or apples. Looking at it without the notion that it has to be a cupcake/apple holder opens up new possibilities. To me it is a great organizer for smaller items. The blue 'cup' at the top is actually an insert from a wire vase. It fits perfectly into the top ring and as you can see holds my crochet hooks nicely, not to mention how pretty it is.
The next round of rings is the perfect size for my clear glass votive cups. I can see clearly what I have in them and they are easily accessible. These could hold any number of items. Here I have used them for small embroidery scissors, a set of bead reamers, small screwdrivers, a key chain box cutter, some hooks and tacks. They would work great to hold glue sticks or tubes of glue, tubes of paint, chalk, or crayolas. The list goes on and on. Don't have a stand like this? Use the votive cups by themselves or put them on a tray or in a basket or drawer. They are perfect little containers all by themselves!

Now for the bottom round of rings. These are actually little Chinese cups I found at a garage sale. They are great for tiny things because the inside is rounded and it is easy to get hold of small items such as buttons, hinges, beads, brads, etc. They also sit on their own and, as with the votive cup holders, can be used independent of any stand.

As you can see by the examples shown here, not everything has to be used for what it was designed to be used for! I think this makes a great eclectic display piece and adds personality to your room. The only way it could be even more easy to use would be to place it on a small turntable.

This is a great exercise in recycling and repurposing a number of items to make them work as one unit. I'm sure you could all think of even more ways to use a stand like this. The stand could even be used all by itself to display bracelets or hook earring wires over the rings! The top center could become/hold a pincushion and needles, buttons, thread or embroidery floss could be in the lower containers. I can't stop thinking! Please join in and let your imagination go crazy with ideas. What if you hung it on the wall or from the ceiling? What would turning it upside down result in? I would love it if you shared your ideas.


Carissa Mason said...

I'm a party planner as well (working on a blog for that one. That will probably get done when there are 30 hours in a day instead of just 24. Someone really needs to work on getting that going!), and I have tons of these little cupcake stands! I am totally going to put one to good use one like this for my vintage German glass glitters with little antique silver spoons that I have in storage just waiting to be repurposed. Awesome tip!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Carissa, you are one busy lady and such diverse interests!!! No wonder you need 30 hours in a day. I can't wait to see you glass glitter in the cupcake stand. That's a great idea! Be sure to post a photo. Thanks for signing on as a follower. Connie