Friday, June 27, 2014

Organizing Seed Beads

Those tiny seed beads can be a challenge, especially if you have a large selection in various quantities.  Fire Mountain Gems, one of my favorites, offers some suggestions here:

I have shared some of my solutions previously, but here is a refresher:

Shallow shelving with jars such as baby food, spice, glass vials, apothecary, etc.

The see-thru containers shown below which I purchased at Michael's and/or Hobby Lobby.  The lids screw on the individual round containers and they fit neatly inside a rectangular box with clear lid.

I love the look of apothecary jars and they come in so many sizes!

Here is a spice rack I reworked and repurposed.  This is where I keep my holeless beads.

The above photo shows some outdated tubes and rack from a blood clinic.  They were never used and apparently have a shelf life.  Below are cigar tubes from a friend who liked his cigars but threw the tubes out.

I've seen the round containers (below) in a variety of places.  They come in different sizes too and fit nicely on shallow shelving.

Below is another container sold at a craft store.  It has separate containers within that would work great for seed beads.  I actually have three of these that I use to store findings.  One for silver, one for gold and one for copper.

The tubes and jars below currently contain glitter but would work equally well for seed beads.

These little containers are from an office supply store but I am beginning to see them in other places now.  I like that the lids can be secured.  These come in a huge variety of sizes to fit your needs.  You can even find larger ones to keep the small ones contained.

I hope this gives you some ideas!  How do you currently store your seed beads and/or other small treasures?  Feel free to share here either with comment or links.  I would also be happy to share your photos if you wanted to send them to me.

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