Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have been rather lax in providing links and was reminded of that when I ran across a couple of great sites which I included with some of my older ones I hadn't yet posted.  I hope you will visit and let them know how you found them and that you find something helpful along the way.

For Ceramic Artists:

Inventory and Storage of Threads:
I am a member of Stitchin Fingers (which is an amazing group by the way if you happen to be looking for inspiration, help, and/or friends in the stitch world – any kind of stitching!).  A discussion was started on tracking and inventory of threads.  Directly below is the link to Stitchin Fingers, followed by some suggested sites…
While there select “Home” to see what this site offers. 

Recycled Ribbon Storage:

Very clever and inexpensive ideas!  Love it!  Go see for yourself…

Martina asked me to share this article she has written.  She has shared some helpful tips for organizing kids’ craft supplies.  If you share a studio or keep crafts supplies for your children or grandchildren on hand, this is for you!

Lorraine at Creative Daily is organizing her beads!


Lorraine said...

Some great ideas Connie! Imagine my surprise seeing one of "my" ideas! LOL

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great fun poking around seeing the ideas...thank you, as always. Don't think I am organized enough to use any of those thread organizers - it's enough for me to have it wound onto cardboard bobbins and sorted by colour. Much of my stash came from my grandmother and the colour #'s (and brands) are long gone.