Friday, March 23, 2012

Color Your World

I thought I would quickly share a visual on color. These are just three basic terms used when discussing color. The first "Hue" of course is your basic color. The bottom two wheels show you how simply adding more white for a "Tint" or black for a "Shade" can change the hue.

Two additional terms you may see or hear are "Transparent" and "Opaque". Transparent color is color you can see through to the layers beneath. Often a glaze medium, water or other thinner is added to paint to make it transparent. Opaque paint is a solid paint that you cannot see through. Rather than mixing your paints with white or black, you can use a transparent glaze. Adding a white or black glaze over an opaque layer will affect the hue as will adding a colored glaze over top of an opaque white or black layer. This is something fun to experiment with whether painting a wall, painting an image on paper or canvas or painting on glass, fusing glass or even layering glass.

There are some links below referencing color that I hope you will check out.

I really must apologize for being so lax on my posts. I have taken on several projects this year and I'm finding myself spread a little thin (yes, glazed over~lol). I do have several great links added below and I hope you find these interesting? I would appreciate some feedback from you such as a quick comment or even checking one of the choices at the bottom of each post so I can add content that helps you and that you find useful. I do enjoy reading your comments and value what you have to say.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope to hear from you!


OK, this is one gorgeous studio you HAVE to see!!! This is just beautifully done and shows how a studio can be oozing with personality…romance. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. There are also some older posts on her blog well worth looking through.

Can’t decide a color and want to find out your color personality? There is a quiz and some other info here:

More color info, the Pantone 2012 fashion and home palette is here.

Color inspiration is all around you as is obvious on Beadaholique’s Pinterest page.

Looking for ideas on how to store patterns? One idea that might work for you is shared here…

Wonderful ideas (and lots of them) for a quilting studio shared on this site!
Pat Sloan shared a photo of her own studio here…
And if you follow the ‘Studio Organization Series’ link you will find more, as well as some resource books for quilters.

Here is a studio I could spend some serious time in!

Looking for color inspiration, check out these sites:

Art Bead Scene also had a post sharing some color palettes that are gorgeous!

This is a post by Legacy with a guide to storing all those photographs and slides (and who doesn’t have a bunch of old photos sitting around!):

Here is a post on organizing a fiber studio

Storing metal and sandpaper? Who would have thought of this?

Just a few suggestions to think about:

And here are a few more tips:

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