Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Color In Your World

Let's talk color! This seems pretty logical since color is such a huge part of our lives. Color is everywhere! I think I can safely say most everyone has a favorite color. Most of us also like certain combinations whether in our creations, our homes or our clothing. What's your favorite?

Most of us are familiar with the color wheel but may not always think about what a great tool it can be! This may be information many of you aren't aware of, never consider when creating art or decorating, or already rely on the color wheel as a tool. Which one are you? Do you use the color wheel? If so, how do you use it? Below is the basic color wheel many of us are familiar with.

There are of course three basic true colors called primary colors. By using these three colors all other colors can be created.

Next and shown above are the Secondary colors. These are created by mixing equal parts of the primary colors on either side. red and blue create purple; blue and yellow create green; and red and yellow give you orange.

Complimentary colors are the colors directly across from each other on the color wheel. Why does this matter? It is helpful in a couple of ways: (1) by mixing the colors, depending on the portion of each used, you can tone down one or the other of the two. I find it much better than using black which tends to dull the hue/color; and (2) by using the compliments as a color scheme, side-by-side, creates vibrancy. If your rooms color scheme is a form of purple such as lavender or eggplant, yellow can be used to bring attention to a focal point in the room or as an accent. When painting yellow flowers, experiment with purple shades in the background rather than white or green. The colors compliment each other. Think of images such as red berries on a green leaf or a red cardinal in a pine tree. The green adds richness and vibrancy to the red image.

Have some fun playing with color using this theory. If you are having trouble trying to get an image in your stitching or painting to become more noticeable, try adding a touch of the complimentary color around it and see what happens. I would enjoy hearing how this works for you. Try it in your decorating. I can just see a soft lavender room with a bouquet of yellow roses! What about a room with blue walls and a couple of orange, maybe terra cotta pillows, either solid terra cotta or just a terra cotta stripe or flower in the pattern? Do you have a color scheme in your home using complimentary colors? Do you use it in your artwork already or have you just tried it?

Do complimentary colors come into play in your studio? Are there other ways you have used complimentary colors?

LINKS: I have found some great links to share with you. I hope you enjoy them!

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