Sunday, September 25, 2011

Personalize Your Studio

What happens now? You have your studio all organized and things arranged the way you like them, but something is missing. It could be missing your personality! Be sure to make room for a few of your favorites in your studio - things that inspire you. It may be that old teddy bear, or photos of your family, something that was once your grandmothers, artwork of someone you admire or even your own artwork. It is the personality of a room that makes it come alive! Be sure to incorporate your favorite color into the room in some way also. This doesn't have to be walls of purple (my personal favorite~lol) but may be pillows, mats around your photos, jars, or anything to just add splashes of that color that makes you feel good.

These two photos are generously shared by Dawn at The Feathered Nest. Her studio is full of personality and warmth. Be sure to visit her blog and see all the wonderful creations that come out of this studio as well. On this particular post she talks about fall cleaning her studio at the Feathered Nest, but if you go clear to the bottom you will find a 'my studio' link where you will find even more photos and information about her studio.

Ali is another talented artist for you to visit. If you click on the following photo you will be taken to her blog where you will find a wealth of information (and some giveaways from time to time)

Ali Edwards shares some great ideas for storing all those various stamps at:

and here she shows progress she has made in cleaning up her office and talks about how she has organized her papers:

I hope you have enjoyed visiting these two artists and found some great ideas for your own studio! Below are a few more sites you might want to check out:

Cloth Paper Scissors had a post about organizing your art studio supplies ‘organically’. There are also some comments following the article with some more ideas!

Martha Stewart always has great tips for practically everything. Here is a link to some great organizing/storage tips. As you go through them, think in terms of how the solution might be used in your studio rather than for example the kitchen…(the plastic bag organizer could be used to hold fabric scraps, a pot rack could be used for holding your fabric dyeing pan or any number of items, the envelope funnel would be great for beads, etc.)

Whenever I find something on time management as it relates to crafting I am interested because I’m not always good at managing my time wisely. I’ve gone to workshops devoted to time management but they have been more geared toward office or work time. Here is a link I thought I would share from Beading Daily that is directed toward beading but I feel it would be relative to any crafter:

This is just interesting: scheduling time to be in your studio. It relates to music, but why not change a few words and discipline yourself as it relates to your studio time?

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful. I love feedback, so your comments are most welcome! If you have been doing some organizing yourself and would like to be featured on this blog, please email me with the details.

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