Sunday, March 20, 2011

Glitter Storage Ideas

I didn't have a big response to my invitation to share photos of glitter storage and/or display ideas, but what I did receive is great! I hope you will take a few minutes to view them, leave a comment and then visit their blogs. I follow these blogs and always enjoy reading their posts and seeing what they are up to.

Marsha sent the following two photos from her studio. I really (really!) like the vintage shaker set and stand with two small trays in the bottom shown in the first photo, as well as the jar with the paper label and her dried roses displayed along side them. Using a ceramic cake or desert stand is another great idea as shown in the next photo. The beads dripping over the edges next to the glitter adds that extra special invitation to play! Thank you so much Marsha!
Her link is

The next photos were provided by Cheryl and show the same display piece. Wait until you get to see it up close. It is a fabulous antique piece and perfect for Martha Steward glitter! Cheryl pointed out that she loves Martha's glitter. I have to agree. The colors and even the texture is wonderful! It is great that you can readily see the colors and easily access the bottles. You can visit Cheryl at That is a really nice painting above the display too Cheryl!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these and that perhaps they inspired some ideas. Thank you so much Cheryl and Marsha for sharing these. I have decided to send each of you something for being so generous in sending these photos, so please email your snail mail addresses to me.

Would you all like to do this again? This time I would love your ideas for storing FABRICS. Please send JPEG images of your fabric 'stash' to me at and please note in the reference line "fabric images". Again, there will be a little giveaway for one lucky person. Please also spread the word to any friends that may have great fabric storage ideas they might share. The more photos we get the more fun and interesting this will be, so get your photos ready!

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Sassy Marsha said...

Ohhhh, I LOVE Cheryl's storage piece, vintage!

I look forward to seeing how everyone stores their fabric as I could use some ideas in that area. I'll send you a photo of how I have been storing my fabric for my mini dolls but now I'm purchasing larger pieces of fabric and for now they're in a dresser drawer.

Enjoy your Sunday! I'll email you my addy!