Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today is a Better Day.

Today is a much better day than yesterday. I went for a bicycle ride this morning. The weather was really nice. Yesterday I finished my wasp nest project, finally. Photos are posted on my other blog (click on the yellow rose button to go there). This is what my studio work space was looking like yesterday. I had about four projects going at once. I'm sure you have all been there.

Here it is today. I set aside a couple of the projects to get to later and decided to take some photos before going back to them.

Below is a peak at the wasp nest project. What do you think? To see the finished project, visit my other blog.

Just returned from Barnes and Noble where I picked up a couple of magazines I am anxious to read. I'll be back...


Anonymous said...

Oh, a bike ride sounds wonderful right now. We're sitting in the airport in Anchorage waiting for a flight that doesn't leave until 10pm. What did we do without laptops before this? I'd be nuts.....and Dave wouldn't be able to play Spider Solitare. Glad you are out of your 'funk'. I've been in one all summer and haven't created anything artwise since June.
The nest was FAB, btw. Thanks for posting that!
We'll be home tomorrow at 6am and after seeing Alaska for 10 days, I would NEVER leave CO!

Anonymous said...

Alaska is beautiful...lush and green. And wet! We REALLY loved Denali, but the coast was too wet for us and you couldn't see anything in the fog! Denali is more of what we love in scenery. We took a bus ride into the park and it was georgeous.
BUT, we are weary of travel right now and our own bed is calling our name!

Marie said...

your jewelry is beautiful!! i'm following both your blogs!!