Sunday, June 6, 2010

Creative and Inspirational Studio Ideas to Share

I want to share some inspiration from others with you all while you ponder ideas for your own studio and to give credit to the creative minds that came up with those ideas. I hope you will enjoy them and be inspired by them as well!

For those of you who like your supplies a little more out of sight and in boxes, but still want to be readily reminded about what is in each box, see the awesome idea for 'visual' tagging as opposed to simply 'verbage' to indicate what is in those boxes at:

Be sure to check out the idea Tejae Floyde had under the comments to my “Organizing and Decluttering your Studio” post. There are endless possibilities for incorporating this solution into your studio makeover! (You can link to her blog by clicking her name on the post).

Carissa Mason had a wonderful idea that she posted on my Repurposed Studio Storage and Display post using the cupcake stand to hold her vintage German glass glitter and little spoons! I love that idea and hope she shares photos. (You can also link to her blog the same way).

Be sure to check out Jane’s idea for storing lace trim and ribbon using a large wooden bobbin on her post at While you are there, check out some of her other posts full of great ideas as well! Very inspiring Jane.

Finally, be sure to visit It is not only a fun blog, but she is having her 2nd Annual Where Bloggers Create party June 19 where you can show off your awesome studio spaces and see those of other creative people. I am so looking forward to this!



LittleSistahStudio said...
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LittleSistahStudio said...

Thank you for posting on my blog post "My Studio - the horror of it all" ... do I need this blog or what?
thanks so much

Miss Sandy said...

I love the door! What a clever way to dress up the furnace. Your bead wall is to die for. Thank you for sharing your beautiful haven.

Emakesart said...

Hi! Someone recently left a comment on my blog saying they had found me through you, so I came to have a look and ... wow! Thank you so much for linking to me! I haven't stopped by for a while (too long). I kind of over did it, and burnt myself out organizing my studio, and still have a long way to go, but I've been avoiding anything that has to do with it...I know ..I know...

I'm just about ready to get started again so I'll have to come back for some good advice!

Thanks again,