Saturday, May 1, 2010

Organize, Store and Display Your Glitter!

Glitter, glitter everywhere! I love glitter! I can't seem to get enough of it. I had some larger containers of glitter that just weren't pretty, so I have begun to look for pretty glass containers for it. Apothecary jars, shakers, bottles with cork stoppers...whatever I think will work. Clear salt shakers are great for glitter. I have lots more glitter, but in smaller jars. I have those stored on my bead shelves for now (image at bottom).

I am just getting started on this idea. For the containers that aren't shakers, I have these inexpensive little spoons for use in dipping into the glitter. As you can see in this photo, I also have some mixed beads here. I will likely be changing this around so it is all glitter. I placed the jars on a repurposed silver tray so I can easily transport it from my shelf to my work area for special projects.

Portability is key here especially if you have a lot of small containers that will all go to the same station. I don't use glitter as often as I would like because I mostly work with beads. I am one that likes to have my supplies out in the open so I know what I have, can easily access it and can be inspired by the eye candy. If you are like me in that respect, consider organizing your supplies on pretty trays, or rustic trays if that is your preference or something else as long as it suits your personality and taste. Shop garage sales and the thrift shops for a multitude of inexpensive options! This is a great way to keep things where you can see them in your studio or to keep them together on a shelf in your closet if you don't happen to have a studio. The portability is great if you need to carry things to the dining room table or a desk or wherever you find space to work, yet the items can easily be returned to their proper location upon completion of your project. It is much easier than gathering an armful of small bottles and risking dropping, breaking or spilling one or all of them!

My granddaughters love my glitter too. Who can resist it? They came last night and made Mother's Day cards for mom. Of course you have to have glitter on something like that!

Happy May Day!!!

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