Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garage Sale Finds for Storage

Garage sale season is here! I found a couple of bargains this weekend. Cheap - cheap - cheap! The two divided containers were only a quarter...25 cents for both. I'm thinking they will work well to separate items in my art desk drawer...or somewhere in the house. I'm just not sure, but I know I will find a use for them.

This second item was 50 cents. I almost bought one the other day at a discount store for about $8.00, so I'm thinking I can find something else to do with that $7.50--like maybe go out to lunch with friends. The color isn't the greatest, but that is why they have paint for plastic now. I will probably paint it white so it kind of disappears. It is shown here with a couple of my (yes, plastic) containers of glass beads. It will keep the plastic boxes convenient, but not too prominent. If I tire of using it in my studio, I know it will work great in the garage or laundry room.

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Meg Mitchell said...

Lucky you ... great finds. Aren't you glad garage sales are back? Good way to spend a Saturday morning.