Friday, April 16, 2010

Recycled and Repurposed Glass Door Knobs

I have a fascination with sparkly glass, and especially the old door knobs. I remember them as a child and thought they were like a piece of jewelry for the house even then. I thought this set of door knobs looked perfectly at home on my art table, used as a paint brush rest. It is the perfect size. I have a single glass knob that I use as a paperweight and one that I'm thinking of using as a finial on something. They would be great mounted on a plaque or shelf and used to hold your painting apron, some ribbon or use several to hold sections of lead came for your stained glass projects!

As shown, this set can be used to rest your wet brushes on while in use for painting, staining or even gluing. Rest your tools that maintain heat on a set so the heat doesn't damage your surface. Fountain pens, pencils, dowels, knitting needles or glass rods can be kept from rolling off the desk when the end is placed on something like this.
If your taste isn't sparkly glass you could use any type of knob such as brass (polished or antique; embossed or plain), white or brown porcelain, or stoneware for the same function to better suit your style.

I would really love to hear your ideas for this or other items! I would also love to hear what types of items you have difficulty finding storage for. Do you have an item you love, but can't find an excuse to keep it around? I am here to offer ideas and inspiration!


mkirsch said...

I love your use of re-purposing. Why not recycle these lovely things in a useful manner. I found you on WWC facebook and I am so glad I did! You will be one of my new fav's.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Thanks so much for stopping by m! I am happy to share my ideas and I love receiving the comments! Connie