Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cigar Tube Storage in the Studio???

Here is a peek at a couple of high shelves in my studio. On the very top at the left I have an old finial from a lamp that I added hooks to and I think I will attach one of the glass door knobs on top as a finial. I'll post a better image of it at a later date. Next to it is a votive holder I designed when I worked for a company in Omaha as a designer. It was ivory and I painted it black. I keep it up there where I can see it until I decide something really fun to do with it. In the middle is a large jar of threads I use when I do fiber and bead weaving. I don't do that often, so I don't need this jar quite as easily accessible. Next to that is a vase waiting for transformation (or flowers) and on the far right is a footed dish that holds some of my chandelier crystals up high and out of danger.

The second shelf down has a spinning spice rack containing seed beads. I have several of these spice racks that I bought super cheap. I'll share some of the other uses I have found for them on a later post. Next to that are lots of tubes! These are great for beads of any size, especially when you only have a few leftovers. The tubes in the blue stand and the yellow stand as you may recall from a previous post are from a lab. The larger tubes in the center are...cigar tubes!

I have a friend whose husband smokes cigars. She brought these to me one day and asked if I had any use for them. Oh boy did I ever! These work great for beads, but I could definitely see some of you scrapbook enthusiasts, stampers and others who keep tiny brads, trinkets, and embellishments having a field day with something like this! They would be great for buttons, needles, snaps and other small items used by sewers and quilters as well. Below is a closeup. Now that is repurposing!
Finally, the jar on the far right is used to hold some crystals I purchased as color samples. I wanted to keep them in the bags marked with the size and color reference number, at least for now.

Now, go find some cigar smokers and make friends!!!

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