Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Work in Progress

When I work on my bead projects I like to have everything that I will be using pulled together and ready to go. I generally pull coordinating beads from my shelves and place them together on a tray to transport them from one area to another. Below is an example. If you follow my other blog you know that this year I am challenging myself to learn a new bead stitch or jewelry technique monthly. I work on these early in the mornings before I head off to work. For this challenge I wanted to use up some extra beads, so I pulled the colors I felt would go nicely together, my needle, thread and my scissors. Sometimes I work in the living room where it is peaceful and other times I join in watching TV with my husband while I bead. You can see that this works really well in transporting a project. It is also nice to be able to grab it and put it up out of the way when company is coming. In this case it worked well as a photo op. Is this an idea that would work for you or that you have tried?

The 'tray in this case is actually a metal charger that I designed. It would work great as a magnet board in place of the metal tile I shared on my previous post. It could be pretty hanging on the wall with a ribbon.

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