Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Office/Sewing Room

I was reminded recently I hadn't shown my storage used in the area where I do mostly crazy quilt projects.  I must admit storing everything one uses for crazy quilting can get, well, crazy.  Supplies multiply when you leave the room and you don't dare throw away any scraps (of anything), spare buttons, trinkets, leftover beads or even the tiny pieces of ribbon because if you do you will need them!

Below are photos from when I first set up my space.  It obviously is closing in on me.  The room is only 10' x 10' and is shared with office equipment and supplies.  I began by taking the doors off the closet and moving all office related items into the closet.  This worked out really well.

I originally had fabrics stored in tubs and on shelves in the closet but it was getting to be a problem keeping the stacks from spilling out and a nuisance pulling out tubs when what I needed was in the bottom tub.  I ended up using a couple of dressers I painted white to store fabrics and other needs.  I have to confess I still have a couple of tubs of heavier/bulkier fabrics in totes stored in the attic.  I also purged some fabrics so that I could get the rest in the six drawers of this dresser.  I have since placed a bookcase like the one to the left on top of the dresser for more storage.  The big giant paper shredder that you see was relocated elsewhere in the house.

Below is the second dresser with another bookcase on top.

The top drawer has misc. supplies such as fabric markers, rulers, snaps and other odds and ends.

The second drawer is full of lace waiting for their place in the world.

A friend gave me tons of embroidery floss and I have it separated by color family in gallon size zip lock bags.  These are stored in the third drawer down.  Easy to reach from my stitching rocker.

The bottom drawer holds rolls and bits and pieces of ribbons of all types.

On the bookcase on this dresser I have some plastic storage pieces containing my sewing threads.  The photo directly below shows six drawers divided into (1) silk/ribbon/fabric floral; (2) beaded flowers, jewelry pieces, trinkets etc.; (3) misc. sewing supplies such as tape measure, safety pins, extra scissors, extra needles, elastic etc.; (4) beaded trims and fringe; (5) cording, gimp and related trims; (6) other little things I couldn't possibly part with.  I also have a couple of containers on top of those that hold misc charms and cabochons.

Above the computer is a shelf I use for batting, interfacing, pillow forms, additional lace, silk flowers, and paper crafting supplies for a project I hope to work on 'one of these days'.


As I confessed said, more has been integrated into this space as I found more that I couldn't live without and it has filled up pretty much.  The wall next to the computer closet has an expandable sewing table which will fold down compactly when not in use.  Behind the entry door is my ironing board and some bags containing WIP (works in progress).  I also painted and added this towel shelf above my sewing machine.  The revolving spice jars on top have my smaller buttons stored by color, the dowels hold my shorter sections of lace (and it is now dripping in lace), and the hooks hold my tags with various stitch samples from TAST.

That pretty much covers everything.  I hope you were able to get some inspiration from this and that I didn't bore you to death.  The room is in total chaos right now because I have pulled out the UFOs (unfinished objects) and have them spread out so I am forced to work on them.  I guess I did forget to mention I store my UFOs and supplies I have used on them to date in some stacking plastic boxes shown on a previous post where Lorraine shared that she uses them for fabric scraps.  The real problem is that Chloe (my cat) has decided to lay claim to my stitching chair.  She is so funny.  We fight over favorite spots all the time and she usually wins.


traderslostart said...

Thank you Connie for explaining what you keep and generally where you keep it.
I have 3 furballs, one of which insists on being wherever I am, and she is God's gift,
as she keeps me in a good mood by her antics and loving nature. I am hoping when
you work your next UFO you share it on your blog. I would love to see what you are
doing now and get some inspiration from your work.
Thank you again sharing your studio, and I hope to see it as it now exists.
Blessings, Sondra

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What fun to have a peek inside your creative space Connie! I'm a huge fan of stacking furniture in order to get more use from it too.

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Skyline Spirit said...

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