Monday, September 17, 2012

Repurposing to Add Surface Space

Do you find your actual working space closing in on you?  One idea that might work for you is to add an additional space above your work space.  I was running into this problem while working on some jewelry recently and as you can see, adding this bed tray gave me that badly needed added work surface. 

A bed tray worked well in this space because they are fairly short, so your items are still within easy reach and easily visible.  This is on my fabric dresser top.  I also especially liked this bed tray because it has a back and sides that kept the beads and other items from falling off the back to an area difficult to reach without moving the dresser out.  And, image that this one was already green! 

This sewing room of mine is still a work in progress and I am approaching it one "issue" at a time.  I normally work on my jewelry in my studio, but had something else going on back there which I have since completed.  This bed tray was the perfect temporary solution to my lack of surface work space.  It also works great if I decide to pick the work up and take it to another room.  Yes, I still work all over the house.  I follow my muse around ~ lol.  Do any of you do that?  Sometimes I just want to be working around other humans or find the light better in another area for the project I am working on.

I hope you found this a useful idea!  Sorry, no links this post.  But if you have found a similar solution and want to share it with everyone, feel free to add your link.  Does anyone actually use bed trays for their intended purpose?


Faye said...

Thumbs up!! I like this idea~~~ Take care, Faye

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This is a perfect bed tray - not at all like the metal ones I've seen. I do my sewing in the 'studio' room and my knitting and crocheting is done in the living room in front of the tv at night. I don't think I would dare to take my sewing out to the living room or DH would definitely disown me! I've thought about stitching out on the balcony but I drop things regularly and having to dash down six flights of stairs on a retrieval mission isn't very appealing.

Suzy said...

Hello Connie, here I am again admiring your blog on organization in your sewing room! Love the bed tray "tier" for keeping track of beads and materials. It does seem plastic storage is taking over our lives, doesn't it? Taking something of beauty and repurposing it is a joy. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.
PS love the green!