Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life Just Happens

This is another of my watercolor paintings. I thought it was appropriate for a Sunday...

So, it is Sunday morning and I am scheduled to help set up for communion before church and then clean-up afterwards. My husband works Sundays so I attend by myself. I looked at the clock and thought I had better leave so I have plenty of time to fill all the little wine glasses and set things out. I pull into the church lot and there are already several cars there and more coming! Apparently when our power went out during the storm Thursday night I didn't reset the clocks right and I was late. I jump out of my car to make a beeline to the area I need to be and get stopped along the way to help with something else. I went into panic mode after that just visualizing myself running in and out setting up for communion and trying not to run into the minister while she is having the service. Yikes! Of course, all the little plastic cups want to stick together and I fumbled with them. I couldn't find the grape juice for those younger or those not wanting wine. There had been a power outage at the church as well and I could not find the communion wine. I finally found the communion wine - again, as the church is filling up - but there wasn't much in the bottle. I have ET (essential tremors) in my hands and they shake pretty much all of the time, but when I get stressed they are almost uncontrollable. A couple of the ladies from church must have sensed my anxiety...probably due to there being nothing set out yet, the church full of people and me running around like a nut. They came to help out and one of them took over pouring the liquids since my hands were shaking so bad that I was spilling half of it and talking to myself. I was actually telling myself to run! and then to calm down, it will be fine as long as you don't trip and drop the entire tray full of small cups of wine in front of everyone and at the front of the church. I'm not very reassuring ~ lol. It did all come off without a hitch, but I tell you my heart got a workout. I don't think I actually relaxed until the formality of the communion service was all over. Am I the only one that gets in these situations?

The battery in my watch died about Wednesday or Thursday too. After church today I went to the store and had a new battery put in it. Had it been working I would have been aware of the discrepancy in the time. Does God do these things for entertainment? I believe he does have a sense of humor.

I guess it could be that I am just having another one of those days similar to last winter when I dropped my eye glasses in a large snow bank and had to wait until almost spring to find them. Speaking of eyes... I went to the eye doctor this last Friday for my annual eye exam. I was told to wear my contacts and have them tested first thing. I would then have my regular check-up. First they had me read the charts with my contacts in and afterwards had me look through their whatchamacallit as they had me tell them which power was most clear. Well, as is bound to happen to me, when I attempted to remove my contacts, I lost one. I swore it was still in my eye but she couldn't see it even with her fancy equipment nor could we find it on the floor or anywhere. I then was convinced it was lost somewhere in never, never land and went on to the next part of my exam with two more professionals checking my eyes. Everything looked good and my prescription had only changed slightly so I wouldn't need to buy new glasses because the change was minimal. They gave me a new set of contacts to replace the one that was lost. Yesterday I woke up with a headache and my eye was still bothering me. I took something for the headache and later my eyes seemed fine. I thought it was probably the result of all the probing and the drops they give to dilate the eyes. When I went to bed last night my eye was bothering me again. I woke up this morning and could see absolutely nothing with the eye that had been bothering me. I put in some drops and kind of messed with my eye a little and out comes this stupid little thin contact.

I would ask "what next", but I will just wait and see. Please don't tell me. Hope you are all doing well. Have a great week! Connie

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

I firmly believe God does have a sense of humour. I didn't know you have ET - you do such amazingly detailed work - must be so hard for you. As for the contact issue - done that, been there, no longer wear contacts.