Saturday, June 18, 2011

What's Behind Your Door?

Are you using all of your space? One area often neglected as possible storage is behind the door. If it is a shallow spot, all the better!

What are some of your ideas for using this space? If you use it, what do you store there? Some ideas that come to mind are storage for stamp pads/punches/inks, beads, an inspiration board, ribbon racks, glues/sealers/sprays etc., paints, and other jars, bottles, or cans that can get lost on a regular sized shelf but are easily accessible on a shallow shelf or rack behind your door. As you can see, I currently use my behind-the-door space for my ladder, easel and drawing board.
Attach your storage shelves etc. directly to the wall behind the door or hang something directly on the back of the door to contain your supplies. You can use peg board, cork board, hooks, dowels, spice racks, towel bars, or shallow shelves just to name a few. There are also a variety of organizing pieces that simply hook over the door and are easily removed without any damage to the surface. Those would work great especially for someone renting the space. How about painting the door (or a board to attach) with the ever popular chalk paint for use in jotting down notes, ideas or a shopping list. Also, any behind-the-door space will work whether it is the entry door, closet door or even inside a cabinet door.

This can be a functional space that is often overlooked.

Have a great weekend and...happy creating!

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Sassy Marsha said...

On the wall behind the door in the laundry room I have an old metal mailbox that I used to hold my broom and swifter and where the mail went I use that for the swifter pads :)

The closet is behind the door in my creative space though so I can't put anything behind it. I have seen people use shoe holders though on their doors to hold crafting supplies!!

Thank you for your lovely comment, Connie, about getting sidetracked! I KNOW all to well how easy it is to get sucked into the internet, whereas it is a wonderful place to meet friends, find inspiration, and sharing it can suck up a lot of time! I'm trying to attain a balance . . .

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!