Friday, February 18, 2011

Sewing Room/Office - Stage 3 of Organizing

My sewing room/office is not anywhere near what I have planned for yet, but it is at least clean, somewhat organized and, most importantly, functional. Like most of your studios it is a work in progress. I have a vision for it and will eventually get there.

The walls have a fresh (2) coat of paint in a warm, comforting color much like the coloring on my inspirational photo and yet coordinate beautifully with my curtains. I have hung a couple of favorite photos on the walls.

I am now able to use my sewing machine without blocking the closet. Since the above photo was taken, I have had to bring in my other bookcase...for now. The matching bookcase above and that eyesore of a paper shredder were moved to the left and the bookcase was placed along the same wall in the corner. The bottom two shelves of it will hold things I don't need easy access to and for now the top shelf will hold my drawers of thread and a couple other containers. I placed the lamp and my buttons on top of the bookcase.

The photo directly above here shows my closet before, definitely jammed and crammed. Also the third bookcase has been moved to where the sewing machine had been. It is now full. I love books!

This is my closet after sorting and organizing. It is by no means perfect, but I know where everything is (because it is where it is supposed to be!) and can get to what I need. No matter how well an area is set up and how well it works, it most likely will eventually become a disaster zone as my closet was. I simply did some 'Spring cleaning' and a little rearranging to fit my needs. The plastic bins on the floor are not the best arrangement for me, but I do have my larger yardages of upholstery materials, furs, fancy fabrics, batting and so forth separated using these bins. The smaller pieces of fabric are on the shelf. I placed the plastic drawers lower this time so I can see what is in them without removing them. At the top I have larger containers for ribbons, lace, yarns and embroidery floss.

This is a close-up of some upholstery fabrics I pulled as possible fabrics to use on a chair I will be recovering. I only have a few of the old wooden 'pants hangers', but they work great to hold fabric. Below are more before photos of my closet. This happens to almost everyone when we get busy or just don't take time periodically to clean up. Take time when you do clean up to figure out how you can avoid the same mess next time. As I previously mentioned, I couldn't see inside my plastic drawers and had a habit of setting things elsewhere 'for the time being'. Hah! That didn't work so well.

It got so I could hardly get the doors shut! Yikes! I don't suppose this has happened to anyone else?

I had mentioned my collection of threads previously. Well, I have found a temporary home for them in some drawers by my sewing machine. They are sorted by color. No, they aren't on my floor :-) I have an idea that I have not seen before. When I get time I will try to make the item I have in mind and will share it with you all at that time.

Some of you may recognize this. It's a popcorn ceiling and I have them throughout my home! I am not crazy about it and would someday like to make it all vanish. Have any of you dealt with it before? Please, please tell me the best way to abolish it.

I am also not so crazy about this ceiling fan, but the room gets really warm in the summer and it really helps cool things off. I have since replaced the missing globe which helps a lot. I have some ideas and inspiration I want to incorporate into the room - little by little - and will share those on a future post since this one is getting quite lengthy!

NOW FOR SOMETHING MORE FUN!!! I just recently received my new Rings & Things catalog in the mail. It is filled with goodies.

Below is a spread of organizational items you might enjoy. I suppose these are geared mostly toward beaders, but there are items that would work equally well for quilting supplies, scrapbooking supplies or other crafts with smaller parts, pieces and even tools that need a home. Their web site is if you want to take a closer look. The good part is that by mentioning their catalog here I get entered for a chance to win some goodies. Regardless, they have some great stuff!


Pop over to visit my friends at Dezinaworld and take a peek at some of the terrific storage ideas. While you are there you might want to take a peek on their Website to see all the goodies they offer, especially if you are into paper crafts and stamping!

Over at Art Bead Scene, designer Lori Anderson shares artists studios on a regular basis. This week her own studios/spaces are featured offering great inspiration! Wait until you see her wonderful new lampworking studio...drool!
and through this link is another great link to some very nice storage items…

I love your comments and feedback! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! My twin granddaughters have their 6th birthday coming up in a couple of weeks and I promised a new American Girl doll outfil for each. As soon as I finish those and get the room cleaned up I will try to take some pretty photos to share and also share my future plans for the space that may work for you as well. Don't forget I also have another studio for my beading, stained glass work and watercolor painting. Click on the screen door on my sidebar to visit it.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

You saying your paper shredder is an eyesore brought to mind a project I have in the offing and I wondered if it would work for your shredder too. There's an ugly water heater in our 'new' bathroom in the basement so I bought some peel & stick velcro tape to put around the top of the heater...the matching stitchable tape will be sewn onto a tablecloth I'm not using & will cover the offending object quite nicely. It can be removed for washing or to access the controls quite easily. (I need to mention that the outside of the water heater doesn't get hot so it's not a fire hazard).

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

If it is a gas water heater, you need to be especially careful the fabric is clear of the pilot light area and also that you don't block the oxygen flow. I'm sure you have taken this into consideration, but I worry about those things. Hook and loop (Velcro) is wonderful stuff! My paper shredder does generate heat, so I hesitate to enclose or cover it. I am thinking possibly a shelf that fits over it (similar to those units that go over the toilet). Evenutally, it will go into the "closet office." Now you know one of my ideas for the room :-) I really appreciate the suggestion MA. That is a great idea for concealing/dressing a water heater!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Fortunately our water heater is an electric one, but thank you so much for pointing out the hazards with gas. I should have thought of that!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever commented on your blog but just wanted to take the time to say I've been popping in and out for at least a year, probably longer, and I appreciate the focus on studio space and your links and tips. I find maintaining space and forever go-along endeavor, if for no other reason then I just get tired of looking at the same arrangement. It always helps to have other perspectives when re-organizing.