Friday, February 11, 2011

Organizing My Office/Sewing Room, Part 2

This post is a day early. I had some time and decided to finish it and go ahead and post it. I am sharing a few boring photos this week, but this is a sort of cleansing step in the process or creating a new space. The first thing I did was choose a wall color for the room. Don't ask me why I did that first, but I suppose it was because I wanted everything in the room and the curtains up since all those things may affect the color. I wanted to match the curtains I had in this room also.

I went through images and chose a kind of 'look' I wanted for the space. Hattie is hanging onto that for me so I can look at it as I make decisions for decorating the room. Hattie will be sticking around also, so I wanted her to have a good feel for the room.

My office will not end up looking like this, but it helps inspire me to keep a warm, comfortable mood as I choose new items to add. I want my studio office to eventually have this same feeling of coziness.

In the above photo and following photos I have all my larger pieces and the 'techie' items moved to the center of the room so I can begin painting. I have given you a view of all four walls and an idea of the size of the room here.

You can also see the wall color 'before'. It wasn't bad, but I wanted a warmer color. Next week I will show the new color and the next step I am taking. After that I will share some after photos and share ideas that will eventually be incorporated into the room to make it even more functional. Unfortunately I will soon be back to job hunting since my current employer will be closing his doors. It's not a time for me to be spending money, so for now clean-up and purging will do to improve this space.

Now for some more Links:

Lots of ideas shared here, not only from the host scrapbooker/blogger, but from friends as well, with more to come!

Ever envision a wall of beads? You can see one here with tips on how to create it!

Here are some tips for an art studio:

Another blogger in the purging process. See some of her ‘after’ photos! Kristi is doing a great job! She says she is 90% finished. What a great feeling.

Amazing how many creative people are organizing! It’s something about a ‘new’ year that gets one in the mood for a fresh start. I guess that is why diets often begin in January as well. Have you seen all of the ads on TV from the diet organizations? One company’s ad is shown right after the other. I have to admit I am one of those (dieters) also. There are also a lot of ads for shelving and other organizational items offered at sale prices. These companies certainly know their customer and when to dangle these things in front of us.
One more LINK I have to share. This is a desk remake into a kitchen island. What a transformation! It takes a few minutes to open while it translates, but I feel it is worth it. It may inspire some great idea for your studio or you just may want to use an old piece from your studio to put in your kitchen.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

As always your links are so much fun to visit and I'm so intrigued to see what you're doing with your space. Your inspiration photo is sooo pretty!! I would love a room that looked like that.

Anonymous said...

A warmer pink color would be pretty. Or how about a sage green, to pick up the drapes?
And have you thought of putting some of your furniture in the center of the room?
Love to see what you're creating....


Sassy Marsha said...

Fab post, Connie! I KNOW what an undertaking this is! I started my redo two years ago and I'm still fine tuning! Oh, I'd love to have a comfy chair like the one that SASSY gal is holding in that photo but I have no room. If I didn't have to have my work desk in there . . but working at home that is a must, LOL

I can't wait to see the final result!!!

Those links you posted (and I'm blushing, thank you :) ) are fab and OMG I never would have seen a kitchen island out of a desk!!!

I'm sorry to hear your present employer is closing its doors. I hope you find something soon :)