Friday, November 26, 2010

Cosmetics Case to Project Case

Again, sorry I have been neglecting this site. I have recycling/repurposing projects in mind but haven't had a chance to work on them. I did get this one far enough along to use and to give you an idea of my intentions. I was cleaning under the sink in the bathroom and ran across this metal, very sturdy makeup case.

It's one of those 'holiday time' gifty items. However, it was quickly becoming a catch-all for all of my almost empty makeup containers or rarely used items.
It was such a sturdy box and the top shallow containers were hinged allowing them to be pulled off to the side giving access to the somewhat larger section underneath. The bottom (or back) had nice rubber pads to protect the surface it was sitting on. The hinges and handle were all good and solid.

I decided this was not a case to send to the landfill. I cleaned it up as best I could for now. I discovered the brush holder that was in the lid was held securely in place with Velcro (a/k/a hook and loop). Later on when time allows, this will make it easy to transform into more of an appropriate holder adapted for my scissors, pins and other supplies.

For now I can use it to hold some supplies such as small scissors, seam ripper, tubes of beads, etc.

I am using mine for a CQ project right now. Since I began doing crazy quilting I have found I need (yes, need) all of my coordinating ribbons, beads, buttons, floss, threads, needles, small scissors, and other embellishments with me nearby. They were strewn on the tabletop. I move from place to place and room to room when I work on my projects whether it be beading or crazy quilting, whatever.

This case keeps most items contained and easily accessible. When I quit working on something for the time being, I simply fold up my block or other project and place it in the bottom, throw other items sitting about inside the case and close the lid.

When I am ready to work on it again it is all right there in one sweet little package easily transportable to where ever I decide to plant myself.

I am loving this piece. I have previously shared photos of my dining room table full of crazy quilting 'stuff', serving as the central hub for supplies. It was always a mess. I will sometime in the future re-do the holder on the lid and will more than likely paint and personalize the overall case, but for now it works just fine. I can see a case like this working for a variety of crafts on the go.


Anonymous said...

You are one smart cookie! Perfect re-purposing of a wonderful case! LOVE IT!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Fantastic re-do Connie! I almost want this badly enough to go out and buy a cosmetic case just so I can convert it, but I will resist in hopes of lucking out & finding one at a thrift store.