Saturday, August 14, 2010

Glass Shade Recycled and Repurposed plus more on Storage and Organizing

As you can see, I figured out what to do with my extra glass light dome/shade that I mentioned in my last post. I was so excited about this project and so please with how it turned out. As I was pondering how I could take advantage of such a pretty piece of glass, I spotted my glass door knob on my studio counter near the glass shade.

You know how an idea just hits you. Well, that is what happened. I simply took the two pieces to a nearby hardware store and explained my intentions to them. They were so helpful and quickly found a bolt and washers that would do the trick. The clerk actually drilled the opening in the doorknob so the bolt would fit into it perfectly. The cost for that and the supplies came to under $5.00. Below is the finished food dome on my glass cake stand. It really compliments my dishes. I will have to set a nice complete table and share it on my other blog.

Below, I am showing it over the dinner plate and on top of the charger which also works great.

Here is a photo of the inside. The bolt is separated from the glass with a flat washer to help protect the glass. You can see on the previous shots I have two washers on the outside under the knob to cover a ridge at the base of the door knob.

A close-up...

You are probably wondering what any of this has to do with studio storage. It actually doesn't, other than the fact this dome can be used over a stash of costume jewelry or other supplies to protect them from dust or as a display piece used by draping a necklace or other work over the knob. With a little thought I am sure you can come up with other ideas.

ON ANOTHER SUBJECT - planning for storage of your supplies and equipment. This can be daunting at times. Below I am sharing a pretty basic list you might find helpful as you plan for storage of your own supplies and materials used according to various mediums. I can't give an exact listing of supplies, equipment and materials you use because each of you are unique and have our own stash of supplies and tools you prefer. I am offering this basic list as a jumping off point for you to use when thinking about what you might have to store in your studio.

By using a list, your personal list, you can break things down to a more manageable process. For instance, you can think about how often you use a particular set of tools, or your glue, or your kiln for instance. The items you use most often you will want placed in the most convenient location at or near your work space. Those items you use only on occasion can be stored more out of the way. Maybe you use everything equally but at different stages of the process. Place those items near the location or work station where they will be used.

Use your list as you search for storage solutions. For example, how many paintbrushes do you have? This will determine how big the holder needs to be. What type of container would work best to store them? You know the bristles need to be protected and in the open to dry properly. Look around until you find the right sort of container to accomodate your brushes? Most people store them upright. Maybe you can cover clean vegetable cans in a fabric or paper that coordinates in your room. If you have a lot of brushes, maybe you can nail or hang the cans as a grouping on the wall, or set them on a shelf nearby or keep them close by on your work table. When you are finished sourcing an appropriate container for the brushes, you can then move on to the next item on the list. The list will help you focus on each type of supply, tool, and piece of equipment separately without becoming too overwhelming. Don't try to figure it all out at once, but one by one, breaking it down to bite size pieces. Before you know it you will have everything where you need it and in a proper container.

STAINED GLASS: patterns & books, mosaic cutter, strip cutter, oval template, paints, glass, large table, copper foiling, lead came, wire, roundels, flux, grinder, glass cutters, glass saw, oil, soft brush, kiln

STAMPING/SCRAPBOOKING: books, tools, stamps, stamp pads, punches, papers, scissors,
glues/adhesives, embossing powder, trinkets, inks, equipment, trinkets, ribbons, small embellishments, buttons, photos

SEWING: books & patterns, sewing machine, scissors, thread, fabric, seam ripper, iron & ironing board, table, buttons, snaps, hooks & eyes, trims, seam binding, interfacing

SCULPTING: books, sculpting tools, clay, canvas, glazes, kiln for ceramics

KNITTING: books & patterns, knitting needles, yarn, scissors

CROCHET: books & patterns, crochet hooks, scissors, yarn

EMBROIDERY: books & patterns, hoops, scissors, thread, fabrics, iron & ironing board

TATTING: books & patterns, shuttle or tatting needles, thread

WEAVING: books & patterns, scissors, crochet hook, needle, beads, loom, threads, graph paper

WATERCOLORS & MISC PAINTING: books, water tub/containers, paintbrushes, brushes, salt, solvents, etc, palette knives, tissues, sponge etc, frames, watercolor paper or canvases, tube and/or bottle paints

PAPERMAKING: books, frame/screen, blender, plant materials, pulp, tub, towels, blotters

BEADING: books, tools, wire, thread, needles, patterns, findings, beads of various types and sizes, weaving materials, cords, chains, seed beads, crystals, bugle, embellishments, spacers, kiln for fusing

WIRE WORK: anvil, tools, books, rivets etc., various metals, wires, rods, beads

MISCELLANEOUS, GENERAL OR MIXED MEDIUMS: scissors of some sort, glue or other adhesives, beads, threads or other embellishments, patterns, books, misc tools

I hope these lists work as a starting point for you. It is such a personal thing since each artist works differently. Just as your creations are unique, so is your technique and style. While one designer may incorporate buttons into scrapbooking, another may instead use beads in everything.

I would love to hear if the list makes sense to you or if there is anything you would like to add as far as ideas. Have you tried this and did it help? Have you tried something similar that you would share with us?

Is the dome something you feel you could use in your studio? Have you made anything using these glass shades? If you have created other ideas I would love to have you send me an email and photo that I can post. Same with storage ideas you would like to share. Send me a photo via email and I will be happy to post it and give you credit.

I have been neglecting my blog here for awhile. Hopefully you have all been vacationing or spending more time outside enjoying the summer and haven't noticed.


Patti said...

Thanks for visiting Pandora's Box! I love love your studio - just lovely...and I visited your other site and you have gorgeous jewelry!! Will be back for more :-)

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Wow, that is beautiful!! I love those "light bulb" moments!!!


luluslovlies said...

What a wonderful idea Connie, I love your cake plate !! Have a great Pink weekend! XOXO

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Connie,.,,Pure Genius,,High Genius! So beautiful!

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Hi Connie,
Too funny! I was at a garage sale and saw a light fixture close in style. I was thinking hmm? What could I do with that? Great idea! I love functional ideas. Hugs, LizlovesVintage

LilacsNDreams said...

Fabulous idea!! I was just thinking of this with a piece I had found out in the shed, and wondering if I could make something like this work myself....thanks for sharing, and I LOVE how yours turned out!:) Have a wonderful week!:)