Monday, June 28, 2010

Your Studio Should be a Reflection of You

I obviously haven't posted since the 'Show off Your Studio' blog party began and I do apologize. I have truly been enjoying everyone's studios. Each space is a reflection of the artist and equipped with special items and other decorative elements that are meaningful to each as individual artist. It is important to hang on to that as you decorate or redo your space. Don't try to duplicate someone else's dream studio, but rather be inspired by it and incorporate bits and pieces that make it appealing to you such as perhaps a color combination, a storage idea, a window treatment or even a shelving unit or other things that you feel would express who you are. Maybe the idea of a crystal chandelier you saw or, to the other extreme, a rusted egg gathering bucket used for studio lighting just made you drool. Find the perfect chandelier or bucket for your studio. I remember one of the studios having lime green painted walls and reading the many positive comments that were posted regarding the color. If its you, go for it! And remember, it doesn't have to be a lime green wall just because that is how the color was used in the inspiration studio. Why not paint your shelves or furniture lime green instead. Find a fabric you love with lime green in it and build off of that. Make it your own! Your studio should reflect who YOU are and should make you feel creative and energized when you are there. Your best friends should be able to look at the room and say "Wow, that's just how I expected your studio to look" or simply "it's totally you". Whether the studio suits their taste or not is beside the point. The point is that the studio you create is all about you and your personal 'brand'. Just as you do with your art/craft, be inspired by others but do your own thing.

OK, I'm getting off the soapbox before one of you pushes me off. I started off to explain that I have been busy. In addition to trying to visit all of the unique studios online, my husband and I went to Atchison, Kansas with friends this last weekend. The purpose of the trip was to participate in the Amelia Earhart Century Bicycle Ride (I rode about 65-67 miles even though they said it was a 62 mile route). For us ladies it was also a chance to visit Nell Hills. I hadn't been there for quite some time and she still has it going on! Her store is an inspiration to go through. Everything is displayed so beautifully that regardless the direction you turn your head there is something to ooh and aah at. Another shop called Garrity's which I am told is run by her son, is just up the street and has many of the same items, but also some that are different, plus you can see different ways to display items. The founder, Mary Carol Garrity is a truly talented person. Although it isn't the same as going there, I thought I would post a link to her business so you could see the types of items she carries. I really encourage you to visit the store if you ever have an opportunity. You can find out more on her Web page at I had many comments on my apothecary jars in my studio and she carries a variety of those as well as domes, boxes, silver items, etc. that you might find helpful storage solutions for your studio. However, it is not just the product that is inspiring, it is the displays and presentation of that product as well. One display that particulary stands out in my mind is a window that was hanging horizontally from the ceiling and had items on top of a shelf. Now that is thinking 'out of the box.' Are any of you familiar with the store or products? If not, I bet there are stores in your vicinity that inspire ideas. Actually, observing how art, bead, craft, fabric and scrapbook supply shops present and 'shelve' their many supplies might give you some ideas on practical ways to store your own. Next time I go I will take my camera and get permission to post some photos. Until then, happy shopping!


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Great post!!!! I love my little slice of heaven, I just wish it was BIGGER . . next house!!!

What a great idea about hanging the window from the ceiling. I can totally envision that. NEXT house, LOL, as we have low ceilings but I am going to file this way in my inspiration file!!


Jane said...

Hi Connie,
Too bad I didn't know you were going to be in Atchison this past weekend. I grew up in Atchison and now live in a Kansas City suburb about 40 miles away. My parents still live in Atchison in the house that I grew up in.
I am very familiar with the Amelia Earhart Century ride. My son is an avid cyclist...he doesn't do many of the century rides anymore because his weekends are at bike races. He is now 18 but has been racing since he was 12. I pretty much know all the characters that organize the Amelia Earhart race....small world isn't it?
I love Nell Hill's but probably don't get there as much as you would think considering how close the shop is to my house (Mary Carol has another large store in Kansas City that is very close to my house). I do love to go there for inspiration!
Let me know when you get back my way.